“Flame Curtain”

2 Hour Certified Fire Curtain.

2 Hour Certified Fire Curtain.

2 Hour Certified Fire Curtain.

 Intelligent automatic fire curtain from Shuttertechnik – The flexible solution for a safe exit route.

The Flame curtain is a large fabric curtain made of heavy-duty fibreglass designed to fit over passageways, doors and windows to prevent the spread of fire. They only operate in the event of a fire and can provide up to 2 hours of containment when deployed. As they are made of fabric they still provide a route of escape when necessary.

Invisible when not in use, the Flame Curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure. This ensures safety where it is needed without having to compromise on the aesthetics or design of a building.

The Flame Curtain, when lowered or deployed divides up large open spaces to slow down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. The Flame Curtain is strong enough to contain a fire for up to 2 hours whilst, unlike steel fire shutters, still allowing a route of escape should this be required. This is achieved by simply lifting the bottom rail to create a gap large enough to exit under.


  • Helps stop the spread of fire
  • 2 hour rating
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Auto-operation
  • Gravity fail safe
  • Still allows access/safe exit
  • Complies with regulations

Common Applications:

  • No compromise on design in large open plan offices
  • Contain fire to create a safe escape route
  • Fire protection over windows
  • Contain area in a building e.g. restaurant/cafe area in a school/department store
  • Greater protection on doors
  • Contain fire within a lift
  • Boundary protection to stop fire spreading to other premises e.g. shopping centre

Approved Standards:

  • Tested and approved by Exova Warringtonfire
  • BS476: Part 22 1987
  • BSEN1634-1:2008
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating

Flame Curtain Specifications

  • Testing & Standards
  • Tested and approved by Exova Warringtonfire
  • BS476: Part 22 1987
  • BSEN1634-1:2008
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating


  • Stainless Steel wire reinforced glass fabric intended for applications exposed to high temperatures
  • Curtain fabric weight 0.69 kg/m2
  • Grey finish

Guide Rails

100 mm Wide x 60 mm Deep double sections which can be reveal or face fitted. Specify at time of order. Designed to retain the fabric curtain during fire conditions. The guide rails expand towards the shutters box during fire conditions.

Bottom rail

  • T Section 40 mm High x 55 mm Deep


Two piece galvanised steel powder coated white as standard. Other RAL colours are available at extra cost. Only 200 mm wide x 220 mm high. Supplied in sleeved sections to allow for expansion in fire conditions.


Galvanised steel powder coated white as standard. Other RAL colours available at extra cost.


24 V DC Tubular Motor. This product is not designed for frequent use and should remain open unless activated. The motor operates under mains supply in normal use. Battery backup is provided for power failure and in the event of complete battery discharge the brake is released and the Flame Curtain closes automatically under gravity fail safe.


  • Standard FC Control Panel
    • Alarm input
    • Emergency Override input for emergency escape switch
    • Audio Visual output
    • 24 V Battery backup
  • The FC PLUS control panel also includes
    • Split drop curtain to retain smoke & allow emergency escape
    • Safety device inputs


Face or reveal fit to masonry, concrete or fire protected steel with at least the fire resistance rating of the product being fitted.

For Brochure please click here: http://www.shuttertechnik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/SeceuroFire-Brochure.pdf